Slide Smartwatch Cocept by Jaewon Yeo & PDF Haus

Slide Smartwatch Cocept by Jaewon Yeo & PDF Haus

Do you remember the sliding phones of the early 2000s? And it was only a matter of time until smartwatches went in that direction. Inspired by Motorola’s iconic Z8M phone, this smartwatch by the same name explores the enhanced functionality of having dual screens.

motorola smartwatches

slide motorola

With one flick, the screen doubles with the easy-to-use sliding feature. This makes it easier to use apps like navigation and messaging. As an added bonus, the innovative smartwatch finally introduces a camera to the device, making it the most adventure-ready wearable out there. Designed by Jaewon Yeo & PDF Haus. And be sure to check 50 Best Black Watches for Men.

motorola smartwatch

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smartwatch concept

slide smartwatch

smartwatch concept design

motorola android wear smartwatch

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