Vollebak Multi-Colored Garbage Watch


Vollebak Multi-Colored Garbage Watch

As technology continues to surge forward at an alarming rate, much of the last generation of devices and gadgets get trashed – literally. Vollebak is taking aim at this growing issue by repurposing e-waste to create this watch. In collaboration with the Wallpaper Re-Made project, Garbage Watch takes raw materials destined for the dump like microchips, motherboards, and TV wiring to make the timepiece. The result is a colorful mashup visible through a skeletonized dial and housed in a rectangular case. The watch is still in development and is expected to be released sometime in 2021. Meanwhile be sure to check two our posts: Best Green Face Watches and Best Titanium Watches.

garbage watch

watch from garbage

multi colored garbage watch

multi colored watch with skeletonized dial

multi colored watches

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