Popular Electronics Brands in 3D Alpahabet


Popular Electronics Brands in 3D Alpahabet

Taking inspiration from a wide variety of electronic brands, designer Vinicius Araújo designed this alphabet of Helvetica letterforms, each modeled after a brand’s namesake product. The letter “N” for Nintendo becomes a retro-styled NES gaming system while the “B” for Beats grabs the aesthetic of comfy headphones. Araújo went even further with several of the letters to create a few brief animations.


typoghraphy a

typoghraphy b

typoghraphy c

typoghraphy d

typoghraphy e

typoghraphy f

typoghraphy g

typoghraphy h

typoghraphy i

typoghraphy j

typoghraphy k

typoghraphy l

typoghraphy m

typoghraphy n

typoghraphy o

typoghraphy p

typoghraphy q

typoghraphy r

typoghraphy s

typoghraphy t

typoghraphy u

typoghraphy v

typoghraphy b

typoghraphy b

typoghraphy b

typoghraphy b

typography alphabet

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