AI-Enabled Mars Exploration Rover


AI-Enabled Mars Exploration Rover

This advanced rover christened ‘Robonetica Explorer 1.0’ is the culmination of the intuitive design thinkers – AltSpace, Dmitry Lebedko, Dmitry Egorov, Oleg Butov, Yaroslav Goglev, Rashid Tagirov and Timur Mullya. The concept zeros-in on the importance of AI in the not so distant future. In fact, the Robonetica Explorer 1.0 is an AI and robotics platform envisioned by these young minds – giving us a glimpse of what things could be like 4-5 decades in the future.


Looking like an amalgam of the raw WALL-E robot and the sophisticated EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) – the swift robot will scout the planet’s surface for explorations missions. It has a fully movable head with advanced cameras and sensors – presumably to look for signs of life. To conquer the harshest of terrains, Robonetica Explorer 1.0 has six robust wheels mounted on individual suspensions.

robot design

The rover is a window into the future for sure and the team has designed it to be more like an interactive being than an autonomous robot. Perhaps, an advanced AI-enabled being that has feelings just like WALL-E!

Mars robot

Mars rover

robot rover

rover design

AI robot

advanced rover

Robonetica Explorer 1.0

Mars rover

Mars robot

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