Become a Genie for a Night – with Aladdin’s Lamp E-Cigarette


Become a Genie for a Night - with Aladdin's Lamp E-Cigarette

An Aladdin’s Lamp E-Cigarette is a family-friendly merch to launch in tandem with Disney’s live-action rerelease. This smart e-cigarette comes with three delicious tastes to get stuck into: Jasmine: light, floral, unrealistically long ponytail; Sultan(a): sweet, full-bodied, a little bit pompous; Jafar Cake: notes of citrus, chocolate, and evil psychopath. “With all those flavours built-in, this vape is sheer genie-us. Seriously. It’s powered by genie magic! Give it a puff and watch in awe as mesmerising plumes of blue vapour dance through the air before you. Mmm, that’s good genie. Yeah, it’s not quite as exciting as a real magic lamp, but you would’ve only used your three wishes on the world’s best vape and some rare, exotic flavours to go with it anyway.”

aladdin lamp vape

aladdin's lamp e-cigarette

ecigarette aladdin lamp

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