Colony Cat Home by Jay Lee & JOOM Studio


Colony Cat Home by Jay Lee & JOOM Studio

Our furry feline friends can be fascinating creatures, their curious nature and mischievous personalities lead them to investigate any crevice that they can find. We’ve already shown you architectural cat houses and luxury cat beds. But this out-of-this-world cat accessory accommodates for the cat’s curiosity whilst also bringing a personality of its own.

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Colony by Jay Lee and JOOM Studio is made up of two, visually interesting, products, that take on the form of planets! Planet COX – 01010R is a floor based cat home; the large center can comfortably hold most cats, whilst the over-sized ring helps keep the planet stable… even when the over-excited cat is inside! The second of the two planets is COX – 02020R, and this is the wall-mounted variant. Cat’s love to challenge themselves (and their owner’s nerves) and attempt to reach high places, and that’s exactly what this cat home allows for; it adds a new dimension of fun to the home, and one which a cat will never tire of!

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cats homes

cat home jay lee & joom studio

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floor based cat home

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