Foldable Phone Concept Mi Mix Alpha by Batyrkhan Bayaliev


Foldable Phone Concept Mi Mix Alpha by Batyrkhan Bayaliev

The idea of foldable phones is’n’t new – we’ve already told you about Foldable Drasphone by R&D CORE Limited. And Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha with the original display occupying 180.6% of the body area, became the world’s first smartphone with a 108MP camera. But not everyone were happy with such unpractical design and high price tag of $2830.

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So Batyrkhan Bayaliev, a designer from Kyrgyzstan, introduced a foldable or rather “expandable” concept, the Mi Mix Alpha P. The P stands for pocket, phone, panorama, and papyrus. It exhibits a smartphone concept with a flexible folding screen form factor, which quite amusingly resembles a scroll! Codenamed “Papyrus”, it is able to expand beyond the original display size of the Mi Mix Alpha, owing to two scroll-like mechanisms on its sides. This axle allows Papyrus to occupy various sizes, varying from the size of a small TV remote to a medium-sized tablet. In case this concept won’t become a reality – you can always check another one foldable smartphone – First Flexible Smartphone.

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