Futuristic Samsung Smart Robot Dog Visualized by Gaetano De Cicco


Futuristic Samsung Smart Robot Dog Visualized by Gaetano De Cicco

Turin-based designer Gaetano De Cicco envisions what the future of smart pets could look like in his concepts for a Samsung dog-bot. Standing on four round-edged metallic legs, the streamline AI dog-bot is wrapped in white weather-proof elastic exterior and features a unique interactive screen as the face. Unlike other smart pet designs that we have seen on BeautifulLife including the Sony’s Aibo robot dog, De Cicco’s minimalistic approach eliminates almost all of the “cute” aspects that resemble a real dog.

dog robot

The futuristic Samsung robot dog by Gaetano De Cicco expresses emotions on screen with either question marks or exclamation marks. While other domestic smart pets are designed to create an emotional attachment with its owners, the Samsung dog-bot clearly takes on more of an awkward cyborg-look and prioritizes its functionality as an outdoor surveillance dog.

dog bot

Depending what is displayed on the screen, the dog-bot can be seen in different modes; question or exclamation marks to show initial contact, a white rectangular light to observe and a red dot to chase. Constructed out of production-friendly parts, De Cicco’s modular design is also very cost efficient when compared to other smart pet designs that require plastic elements that make up the face.

ai robot

smart robot

smart dog robot

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