Luxury Royale Hi-Fi Speakers from Bugatti


Luxury Royale Hi-Fi Speakers from Bugatti

The name Bugatti is one associated with very fast cars and the most expensive cars, and not with home audio. But thanks to a partnership with Germany’s Tidal Audio, luxury automotive design and premium audio components combine for the launch of the Royale floorstanding speakers.


Tidal sees the first fruit of the collaboration as “a visual promise of a breathtaking performance that is built within and unfolds to unmatched levels when unleashed – just like the unique experience of a hyper car.”

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The Royale is a hybrid passive/active loudspeaker, and contains “extremely powerful amplifier channels” that drive four 265-mm long-throw subwoofers per speaker, together with a three-way front unit that’s home to two 170-mm woofers, a 127-mm ceramic midrange drive and 30-mm diamond tweeter. A 127-mm diamond midrange woofer can replace the midrange driver as a performance upgrade option.

Each pair is matched by an accompanying music controller, which features a digital-to-analog converter and can be connected to sources like streaming services, a living room television or other smart home devices. The speakers come in two main design themes, a 3D-shaped multi-chamber Monocoque cabinet and a dual-shell Duotone cabinet constructed using Tidal’s proprietary Tiralit material. They can also be tricked out with carbon fiber, precious metals and more if desired. And the partnership is marked by a plaque to the rear that reads “Tidal for Bugatti” – while Bugatti takes pole position with a solo plaque to the front.

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The Bugatti/Tidal partnership has launched with the Royal Edition Noir an Edition Blanc, which are limited to 15 pairs for each edition. A pair tips the scales at 160 kg (352 lb), with each floorstander measuring 144 x 28 x 60 cm (56.6 x 11 x 23.6 in). Pricing has not been revealed, but with two high luxury brands involved, we’d wager the cost of admission will be very steep indeed.

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