Motorola Unveils New Foldable ‘Blush Gold’ Razr 2020


Motorola Unveils New Foldable 'Blush Gold' Razr 2020

Back in November, Motorola announced a revamped version of its mid-2000s hit, the razr flip phone. The mobile giant’s foldable, touch-screen version of the OG razr hit stores in February and now, Motorola has partnered with New York Fashion Week to debut a “Blush Gold” iteration of the device. The rose gold razr was unveiled at The Blonds’ Fall/Winter 2020 show, making a brief appearance when two models pulled the phone out of their bustiers and snapped selfies at the end of the runway.

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The new unit features a seamless foldable display, allowing users to snap it open just like the original 2006 version. A front-facing quick view display provides instant access to notifications and, according to a review by CNET, the phone’s battery boasts a 13-hour-long life. This modern gadget in “Blush Gold” retails for $1,500 USD and will be available exclusively through Verizon (for sure later it’ll be available through Motorola’s official account on Amazon). Meanhile be sure to check Caviar’s iPhone 11 Pro with a Gold-encrusted Tourbillon.

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