Oswalds Mill Audio Ironic Speaker for $95.000


Oswalds Mill Audio Ironic Speaker for $95.000

We’ve already features some cool speakers, like Whether you’re talking about spirula 3D printed speaker or concrete speaker. Oswalds Mill Audio Ironic Speaker is quite possibly the most unique speaker we’ve ever covered. The OMA Ironic Speaker is an open baffle type speaker cast from a special kind of iron known as “hypo-eutectic iron”. This breed of iron is usually reserved for high-tech applications such as in a photolithography machine for the production of silicon chips, wherein resonance and vibration must be reduced to an absolute minimum. This implies that the Ironic speaker will not give out a resonating noise, and the output will be pure.

hypo-eutectic iron speaker

modern iron speaker

The striking speakers are created using 3D printed molds, however, the process is so intrinsic and complex, that the mold is destroyed while releasing the casting within. The end result is a booming 132cm high and 89cm wide structure.

steampunk inspired speaker

open baffle type speaker cast

iron speaker photos

Here’s what the OMA team had to say about it: “The unique form of the Ironic is impossible to cast using traditional pattern making methods. The molds are 3D printed in sand, and every mold is consumed/destroyed in the casting process. Every single Ironic thus requires a new, 3D printed mold to be made.This is an extremely expensive process.” This is most certainly one of the priciest speakers we’ve ever talked about, but with only 10 examples being made and it being created to the caliber it is, it’s one worth considering.

cast iron speaker

unusual speaker

iron speaker

unique iron speaker

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