Personalized Deejo Tattoo Knives


Personalized Deejo Tattoo Knives

French knife manufacturer Deejo does things a little differently when it comes to their knives. Choose the handle material, weight, finish, and text you want displayed on the handle. Then, and this is obviously the coolest part, select one of seventy five different tattoo designs to have displayed on the blade of your new knife. The tattoos are pretty sweet too, with options like an old-school pin-up girl, a watch movement, wilderness scenes, animals, and more. Put that all together and odds are you’ll never run into another person with your exact knife.

cool knife

beautiful knife

Deejo knives


every-day knife

every-day knives

french knife

knives for hiking

knife for hiking

original knife

personal knife

personalized knife

unique knife

tattoo knives

tattoo knife

pocket knives

pocket knife

personalized knives

basic knife

thin knives

thin knife

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