Stylish Small Electric Screwdriver Set ‘Home Tool’


Stylish Small Electric Screwdriver Set 'Home Tool'

ÉCAL graduate Byongseon Bae has given the drill a non-threatening makeover – replacing its complex exterior and characteristic gun shape with a sleek, monochrome design and simplified functionality. The resulting product, called Home Tool, can be used as both a manual screwdriver and a cordless drill, simply by applying different bits. Despite being a power tool, it maintains the straight handle of a regular screwdriver, with a built-in LED-light for use in dark spaces.

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The device is not meant for bigger home-improvement projects, but for everyday tasks from furniture assembly all the way down to repairing electronics. “For a lot of people in their 20s and 30s, being able to drill holes into the wall is almost an unnecessary function because people don’t want to damage the wall when it’s a rental house,” siad Bae. “This creates demand for a simple home tool that carries only basic functions and eliminates intricate details – one that is understandable and straightforward so that anyone could use it.” In case you want to check more tools: world’s smallest folding multi tool and 44-piece tool set.

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