Billowing Rattan Columns in Bangkok’s Spice & Barley Interior


Billowing Rattan Columns in Bangkok's Spice & Barley Interior

The Spice & Barley at Riverside in Bangkok interior installation was completed by Enter Projects Asia. Minor International were clear on their brief: to introduce innovation and eco-awareness, giving the new brand a local context – to an International design standard. The initial concept centered around the adventures of three sisters, May, Zaza & Fei who were born in Sichuan decades earlier. As they explored the story in more depth, a design narrative was formed, connecting the past & present in a complex web of free flowing, statuesque rattan structures, as intoxicating as the characters themselves.

spice & barley

Enter Projects’ rattan installation for spice & barley marks a continuation of their signature style, a hybridization of 3D digital technology with traditional craft. natural, renewable rattan is incorporated into the 30-meter-high space with digitally generated forms. Recalling Spice & Barley’s anchorage as a craft Belgian beer destination, the team sculpts the free-flowing liquid geometries to mimic beer as it’s poured into a glass. The sweeping rattan columns flawlessly frame the backdrop of the three sisters, another nod to the sichuan cuisine. Whilst the form itself is visually awe-inspiring, the gold painted rattan functionally serves to hide the beer pipes, air-conditioning and other related services, paying homage to the belief that ‘form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union .’

rattan column

While Spice & Barley overlooks the chao priya river, Enter Projects’ rattan structures offer a visual link to the high rise towers beyond. The vast geometries flood the ceiling in an uninterrupted balustrade of twists and turns which bounce the light and become a beacon from far away. In keeping with the original brief, the design sensibilities at spice & barley intrinsically suggest an asian fusion, a marriage of ideas, creating a space in which the viewer innately senses the understanding between the client, Minor International, and architect. Also you might be interested in Asian inspired furniture.

rattan art work


project rattan

rattan sculpture

rattan iterior

rattan restaurant interior

spice amd barley

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