Whimsical Tables and Shelves Built from Fallen South American Trees


Whimsical Tables and Shelves Built from Fallen South American Trees

Artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz allows natural form to dictate his furniture design, building shelves and tables that conform to the tree structures that inspire his work. Highlighting the tree’s shape as focal point, Errazuriz keeps his designs simple, placing only thin panes of glass to add the functionality needed for shelves or tabletops. The trees he incorporates into his designs are sourced from forests in South America, readapting their fallen branches while keeping the integrity of trees’ original shape.

tree tables

tree tables diy

tree branch tables

Although Errazuriz’s designs tend to be minimal, he is also fond of adding a dash of the absurd. “It’s important to me that a project consist of just a little twist,” he said, “because I ultimately want people to see the obvious, the everyday differently.” Also we would recommend you to check wood table embedded with glass rivers.

tree branch shelves

tree branch furniture

tree with shelves

tree branch shelving

tree shelves diy

tree coffee table pictures

tree branch coffee table

tree coffee table diy

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