A-F3 Forest Tree House for Idyllic Treetop Getaway


A-F3 Forest Tree House for Idyllic Treetop Getaway

When creating a home in the world’s forested regions, it’s important to integrate – not dominate. Architect and designer Antony Gibbon understands how vital it is to create a cohesive partnership between structure and surroundings, with many of his projects taking on aspects and characteristics of their environment. His latest project, the A-F3 Treehouse, is a clear-cut example.

forest tree house

The A-F3 Treehouse consists of several modular structures, each of which protrudes and elongates itself to allow for the entry of natural light, just above the forest’s canopy. These angular examples boast Gibbon’s recognizable angular architecture, taking on A-Frame forms and triangular attributes to help them stand apart from the flowing shapes of the surrounding foliage. After arriving at the home’s entrance via its suspended bridge, denizens will find two distinct floors mimicking a loft-style setting — a bed above, and a furnished socialization area below. On each end, a large, all-encompassing window provides ample visual stimulation, promoting panoramic views and immersive qualities that few dwellings can hope to match. Head to Antony Gibbon’s website to learn more, or inquire about your own unique housing project. Also be sure to check 15 awesome tree houses all around the world.

forest tree houses

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tree houses for idyllic treetop getaway

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