Architectural Design of a Sculptural Villa in a Forest


Architectural Design of a Sculptural Villa in a Forest

Situated between the Caspian Sea and Si Sangan forest, Iranian firm MADO Architects developed a private residential project dedicated to the clients’ specific request of absolute privacy. The Sisangan Villa project focused on the site’s layout, referral to typical vernacular architecture, and geometric manipulation to create a dynamic structure of intersecting concrete walls and glass facades.

modern villa architecture design

The initial design started with a square with 4 walls, bounding the construction site from all sides.The team then detached the square’s sides from their intersection and rotated them, forming the project’s interior space and allowing light to enter from all sides. This manipulation of geometric forms reinforced a connection between the architecture, landscape, and sunlight, blurring the boundaries between inside and out. The oblique walls were also implemented in the design to structurally support the roof, as well as create a sense of privacy and enclosure.

modern villa exterior design

For the project’s material, the architecture studio chose to use only concrete and glass, complementing the surrounding forest and allowing the architecture’s dynamic form to ornament the space. Also we recommend you to check other interesting projects: country villa and extravagant villa.

sculptural villa

new modern villa design

modern villas images

modern villa house plans

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