Belas Clube de Campo House in Western Portugal


Belas Clube de Campo House in Western Portugal

Situated on a plot overlooking the Sintra mountain range of Western Portugal, the Casa Belas Clube de Campo by BICA Arquitectos is characterized by a long white volume floating above its ground floor. The modern long house comprises two levels and a basement, entirely covered with limestone sourced from the excavation and reused on the construction of the walls to create a massive base. Upon this firm base, the ground floor sits almost entirely glazed, creating a visual and functional continuity of common areas with outdoor spaces, such as the terrace, swimming pool and lounge with an open fire.

long house with swiming pool

BICA arquitectos has built the house with its main façade facing south, parallel to the road, the façade with the main entrance facing west and towards the sea, and the façade facing north more enclosed, complete with a protected garden and lawn area. The transparency of the ground floor is contrasted by the white volume of the upper floor, which forms a large terrace inside and encloses private spaces such as bedrooms to protect them from the surroundings. Also be sure to check 15 most exepensive houses in the world.

long house

modern home

modern house

modern long home

modern long house

modern two level residence

long two level residence

two level residence

modern white long home

modern white long house

modern white residence

modern private residence

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