Changsha Hua Center Inspired by Popular Tourist Destination


Changsha Hua Center Inspired by Popular Tourist Destination

Within the capital city of Hunan, Aedas generates iconic multi-use Changsha Hua Centre that echoes the romantic character of the city while boosting surrounding land value. The building‘s design is inspired by the unique landscape of Zhangjiajie in Hunan province, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

sky bridge connecting the towers

The large-scale project comprises such a range of programs as retail, office, residential, art, and exhibition spaces and is situated along a bustling plot surrounded by retail attractions. Designer dr. Andy Wen, global design principal of Aedas, positions the project as a cultural innovation hub and seeks express and embrace preferences of the younger generations.

twisting towers

Two towers are staggered and twisted with uneven setbacks on each story to simulate the vigorous natural landscape of Hunan, creating more viewing platforms and rooftop gardens. With a sky bridge connecting the towers, it recalls the landform of tianmen cave, a natural arch on the cliffs high up in clouds. The distinctive structure enhances spatial connection with the city and promotes user experience. The tower’s massing is view-oriented to maximize views to surrounding mountains, rivers, islets and the cityscape of Changsha.

twisted towers

china skyscrapers

china towers

sky bridge

twisted buildings architecture

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