Conceptual Ribbon House in Austrian Alps


Conceptual Ribbon House in Austrian Alps

The digital artists at TABARQ have created a creative house in the mountains and it looks like the result of architectural quilling.

creative ribbon house

The conceptual DESI House is imagined to be set in the serene Austrian Alps with expansive windows that truly add another dimension to the panoramic views. What stands out is the shape of its exterior, it looks like someone rolled a sheet of concrete around a pencil for a crafts class! There seems to be a main tall cylindrical structure with a shorter one enveloping it and “rays” moving from there in different directions that probably divide the mansion into different wings.

modern concrete house

The detailed 3D renderings show the luxurious features of the house like the infinity lap pool with a jacuzzi and a local vegetation garden that makes the roof come alive – literally. Even the sweeping windows arent in any primary shape form, they look like someone erased the concrete with strokes of a brush to reveal the Alps. The concrete is paired well with the wooden interior which is, of course, subject to change based on the imaginary residents of this house. And dont forget to compare this house to the modern house in Switzerland.

concrete house with panoramic views

conceptual ribbon house

ribbon house

modern house in austrian alps

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