Contemporary Residence ‘Henge Hill House’ on the Picturesque Olive Slopes


Contemporary Residence 'Henge Hill House' on the Picturesque Olive Slopes

Polish architectural designer Bartosz Domiczek (previously here) envisions the Henge Hill House, a residential intervention built atop the footprints of an historic farm storage building. The ruinous shell of the original structure, defined by its radial plan and sweeping arcade, serves as the foundation within which the contemporary residential programming is inserted. The project monumentally faces outward toward the distant, sloping olive groves, expressing the rusticated stone materiality of the sweeping, arcaded facade. this shell is imagined to be partially restored and used as an anchor for the newly organized collection of rooms within.

hill house

An architectural designed and visualizer, Bartosz Domiczek imagines the Henge Hill House with a hybridized material palette that is both rusticated and modern. The near-derelict wall of the historic arcade divides and frames views outward, recalling the atmosphere of a found ruin. The sweeping, curved corridor between the new interior and the pre-existing shell serves to cinematically reveal the landscape as the occupant passes by. This interstitial space is defined by the structural separation of the dwelling’s two defining elements, and continues around a small central courtyard to extend further beneath the excavated slope to provide the supporting utility areas.

house on a hill

modern house

house on a slope

historic arcades

contemporary residence

modern interior

modern kitchen

henge hill house

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