Floating Manta Ray-Shaped Ferry Terminal By Vincent Callebaut


Floating Manta Ray-Shaped Ferry Terminal By Vincent Callebaut

Architect Vincent Callebaut has designed a floating ferry terminal for Seoul with a form that references the hyperbolic geometry of a Manta Ray. Suspended above the marina and adjacent gardens, the structure offers elevated views across the Han river and Yeouido park — an experimental urban space dedicated to sustainable development. The project’s main objective is to enhance the site’s natural irrigation by transforming the park into an ecological forest of willow trees. Vincent Callebaut’s design is divided into three levels: floating dikes that protect an enclosed marina from water currents; an upper building, which contains leisure and recreation facilities; and an observation deck with a rooftop orchard. Accessed via a cable-stayed pedestrian bridge, the latter of which also includes photovoltaic panels and wind turbines. Food courts, exhibition galleries, and educational spaces are found below, inviting both passengers and visitors to explore the structure. Crucially, the floating terminal produces 100% of its own energy. The roof’s edge is lined with 3,500 square meters of opaque photovoltaic panels, while a vertical axis wind turbine farm provides even more power. In addition, organic and biodegradable waste from the park supplies a biomethanation plant to create further energy. Meanwhile, the building’s honeycomb CLT structure is responsibly sourced from local forest trees. “The “Manta ray” project promotes the permeability and renaturalization of river banks in cities with rivers running through them,” says Vincent Callebaut. “The banks become new playgrounds for social innovation, and for urban “consumers-actors” seeking to promote urban farming, agroforestry and permaculture. The goal is to make them less vulnerable to climate change, and to the subsequent dramatic flood and urban heat island events witnessed over the past decades.”


manta ray

manta ray terminal

manta ray floating terminal

floating terminal

ferry terminal

vincent callebaut project

ferry floating terminal

floating terminal inside

floating terminal details

manta ray details

manta ray inside

vincent callebaut terminal

vincent callebaut manta_ray

vincent callebaut

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