Futuristic Conceptual Houses in Shape of Famous Brand Logos by ‘Wamhouse’


Futuristic Conceptual Houses in Shape of Famous Brand Logos by 'Wamhouse'

Polish designer Karina Wiciak of Wamhouse Studio has visualized four unique concrete and glass house designs inspired by the logos of the famous international brands. One of them is the sports brand Adidas’s logo while others are car manufacturers Chevrolet, Renault and Mitsubishi. They are named Tri House, Cross House, Rhomb House and Pyra House respectively. All of them are multi-story buildings planned with functional interiors, the designer is thus optimist about seeing one of these structures coming to life.

The Rhombus shaped creative house that replicates the Renault logo is a grassland resort and the last one in shape of Mitsubishi’s logo is a desert cottage.

creative house design

Cross house, the building in shape of Chevrolet’s logo is envisioned as a glass-fronted house floating over the water.

futuristic house ideas

Karina has designed the first one, the Tri house, which is based on Adidas’ Three stripes logo as a winter retreat.

futuristic conceptual houses

conceptual house pictures

most futuristic house

Mitsubishi’s three-diamond logo comes to life in this ‘A-shaped’ Pyrahouse! With the glass-fronted windows offering a peek into the interior of the house, the functioning space is visually divided into three individual bits that allow the user to rearrange and match each section to their need.

futuristic house

The Ringshouse automatically brings to mind the four companies that combined together to form Audi as we know it today. From afar though they may look like tunnels, the designer, Karina, envisions a pool in the backyard with a view of rolling hills and straw-filled fields in the front of the driveway. After viewing these stunning concepts be sure to check 10 spectacular cliff top houses.

conceptual house designs

futuristic house designs

futuristic house design ideas

futuristic looking houses

pictures of futuristic houses

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