Futuristic Concrete House on a Cliff by Reza Mohtashami

Futuristic Concrete House on a Cliff by Reza Mohtashami

In recent years, the architecture world has increasingly embraced the concept of designing buildings into existing settings in nature. And though his work is almost exclusively conceptual, few designers can rival the work of Reza Mohtashami with his knack for combining brutalist architecture with jagged cliff faces and rock formations. Mohtashami’s proclivity for penning structures in harsh and unorthodox settings is taken to the next level with his latest work, simply dubbed the “Concrete House.”

futuristic concrete house on a rock

Perched on the side of a volcanic rock formation, this curving shelter is built on four pairs of cement stilts. Looking like a Bond villain’s vacation property, the building features one end with the entrance, while the other boasts a 45-degree slash-cut design, shrouding a full floor-to-ceiling window that affords views of the pond below. The curved interior of the minimalist single-room dwelling is divided into three areas: a living room/lounge area, a spartan kitchen with a small sink and stove; and a bedroom area on a raised two-step platform. Industrial lighting both inside and out further the brutalist structure’s modern aesthetic. And don’t forget to check 10 spectacular cliff top houses.

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futuristic concrete house

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futuristic concrete house on a cliff

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