IMMERSO Transparent Glamping Cabin in Italian Alps


IMMERSO Transparent Glamping Cabin in Italian Alps

For those who love and respect both nature and comfort, the ideology behind glamping might seem like second nature. After all, in a medium so tightly-bound to the land and its mesmerizing attributes, a one-of-a-kind cozy structure that was formulated to keep its inhabitants as close to the ecosystem as possible can be a godsend. And now, the IMMERSO Transparent Glamping Cabin is here to promote that mindset in Italy’s wonderous wilds.

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IMMERSO is a small, secluded structure that sheds light on human connectivity. As a dwelling that tears down the preconceived walls between man and his surroundings, the innovative prefabricated shelter boasts a near-transparent wall and ceiling, gifting pleasant views of Italy’s high valley near Piedmont. Serene cow pastures, spring overgrowth, and starry night skies are only a few of the area’s attractive sights to behold. While IMMERSO is small, it is by no means simplistic; multilayer, phenolic birch paneling, and CNC-manufactured components adjoin the structure’s angular exterior, which has been optimized to remain adaptable and sustainable throughout the year. The best part? The Italian escape is available for rental via Airbnb for around $130+ a night – making it the perfect stop on your upcoming tour of Italy’s mountainous regions.

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