Infinity House With A Swimming Pool On The Roof


Infinity House With A Swimming Pool On The Roof

Perched atop a hill in northern Norway, the Infinity House designed by Vladimir Konovalov uses a series of large apertures in its rectangular concrete form to maximize its views of the surrounding mountains and the Norwegian Sea. The interior of the superstructure is primarily open, with the living room, kitchen, and bedroom by an oversized bookcase on one end and a black box containing the bathroom on the other. Inside the box, there’s a hidden staircase that leads up to the 21m infinity pool that makes up the roof, with a resting bath on one side, and a swimming land overlooking the water on the other. A restrained interior palette allows the colors of the outdoors to shine.


swimming pool at a roof

minimalist house interior design

modern bedroom design

modern house interior

modern house norway

modern house plan

unusual house with a swimming pool plan

creative house with a swimming pool plan

minimalist house plan

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