Innovative Kaiyuan Senbo Tree Hotel in China


Innovative Kaiyuan Senbo Tree Hotel in China

Kaiyuan Senbo is an innovative new hotel in China and consists of a cluster of treehouse cabins nestled in the mountainous landscape. Taking nature as the starting point, the impressive getaway lets guests find peace and comfort inside your tree house, or escape into the natural world outside. Each cluster has pods of five or six cabins, all stacked seemingly like Lego bricks on top and around each other, and guests can access them via different staircases and walkways crisscrossing through the whole structure.

innovative hotel

A central exterior terrace is the focal point for the houses and allows for a communal spot where guests can come together and do outdoor activities, enjoy the view, and relax in the natural surroundings. The resort offers a completely immersive experience for guests seeking a little peace and tranquility, but will also appeal to those who have a more adventurous spirit. Also don’t forget to check 15 awesome treehouses around the world.

innovative hotel in China

hotel design

modern hotel

hotel interior

modern hotel interior

Kaiyuan Senbo

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