Martian-Inspired Glamping Resort in Jordanian Desert


Martian-Inspired Glamping Resort in Jordanian Desert

Around Follie is located on a wide ground next to Nasiri-Oreum (Oreum: the rising small defunct volcano in the Jeju, the Jeju dialect). Z_Lab leading this project saw the potential of the land and combined two concepts: outdoor and community. They wanted to make a place that fully renders Jeju’s nature as it is for a community that shares sensibility while spending time together, as well as a place that fully offers the essence of outdoor experience.They spread the objects around Follie in a wide land area every 20 meters, so that events and cultural programs can be flexibly interconnected and make the place livelier.

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The campsite is made up of seven lodges, three Airstreams, a number of campsites, and other additional facilities. A.Ground performs many purposes: BBQ pub and café, reception, and shop. Follie Park, which has a swimming pool, is a space where you can use it as a a stage for festivals or events. The lodge is organized into 4 types: loft, twin, suite, and Pool Villa. The arrangement of a stone grave in Jeju inspired the idea where the space expands from two and three to four, giving it more diversity.

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Unique design utilizing the natural materials and the colors that are matched with the surroundings shapes the identity of Around Follie. A unique design that uses the material properties and colors to match the surroundings creates the identity of Around Follie.It has enabled multi-option such as linking camping decks and caravans so that variety of activities can take place based on camping. They also wanted to attempt the “movable stay” with ideas like a Micro Bus, including the food truck Eriba Puck, etc., that they saw at camping festivals—for the feeling of free-spirited camping.

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They obtained 17, 27, and 31 ft. Airstreams made in the 1960s and updated them to a new version. A. Ground, the first impression of Around Follie, is a cafe, shop, restaurant, and observatory for visitors and a reception desk for guests.A horizontal design is harmonized with the surrounding landscape.It is a community place for both visitors and guests and serves as a community that encompasses the entire area.With eight tent sites, one auto home site and six deck sites (also known as huts), the camp site is a place where you can enjoy the outdoor experience that Around Follie is aiming for. After viewing this cool glamping be sure to check eco camp in Chilie.

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