Minimal Tiny House on Wheels ‘Base Cabin’ by Studio Edwards


Minimal Tiny House on Wheels 'Base Cabin' by Studio Edwards

Studio Edwards has turned the simple A-frame cabin into a house on wheels with a sleek rubber skin. Base Cabin is a wooden micro home on wheels – a far cry from the typical caravan or trailer.

small tiny houses on wheels

Melbourne-based Studio Edwards wanted the mobile retreat to be more akin to a minimal, contemporary building. Architect Ben Edwards looked to both the Airstream – famous for its streamlined shaped – and the A-frame hut for inspiration. The A-frame structure gives the building a distinct asymmetric geometry, but also makes it more structurally efficient.

tiny house on wheels

“The geometry is inspired by a combination of the A-frame cabin and the iconic Airstream trailer,” the architect said. “The A-frame uses less material than conventional portal framed buildings,” he said. “This was an important consideration in regards to the overall mass of the building – it had to be transportable.”

minimal tiny houses on wheels

Like the Airstream’s polished aluminium exterior, the Base Cabin is predominantly clad in just one material. Black rubber gives the structure as homogenous aesthetic, but also keeps it weatherproof. “It was chosen for being both durable, mute in its appearance and able to seamlessly wrap the angular form,” said Edwards.

simple tiny house on wheels

Inside, the cabin is divided into three rooms. A bathroom at the centre of the floor plan separates the main living and dining space from a more secluded bedroom area.

tiny houses on wheels interior

The kitchen comes equipped with a sink, fridge and various cabinets, while the bathroom includes a shower, toilet and sink.

micro tiny houses on wheels

The faceted geometries of the exterior create sloping walls inside, offering a sense of intimacy. This creates a triangular, tent-like space in the bedroom. Wooden panels line the walls, while a skylight at the highest point of the roof brings daylight into all three rooms. And don’t forget to check 15 modern tiny houses.

black tiny houses on wheels

small tiny house on wheels

plans for tiny houses on wheels

tiny houses on wheels plans

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