Modern Glass Cabin ‘The Air’ Over Cliff Edge

Modern Glass Cabin 'The Air' Over Cliff Edge

Teetering over a rocky cliff edge, this concept by Yakusha Design imagines an extreme holiday home for a surfer. With a 270-degree glass structure, the idea behind “The Air” cabin is to create a feeling of weightlessness and provoke a sense of impossible architecture. With a prominent position overlooking the horizon and directly confronting the sea breeze, the design makes reference to the traditional idea of a lighthouse. However, this creative house concept provides a more radical interpretation as it hovers over the precipice.

small glass cabin

The building is set on a vertical pillar and secured with a foundation made of recycled concrete to make it structurally equilibrated. The central pillar occupies a small internal area and, at the same time, includes most engineering and communications services to maximize the view over the atlantic ocean. Privacy is achieved by an integrated system of window blinds around the perimeter.

glass cabins

futuristic small glass cabin

The minimalist open-concept of the interior measures just 48 m2 and includes only essential furniture. A warm beige theme provides a homely atmosphere in contrast to the harsh weather conditions outside. Functional zones – the living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom – invisibly flow from one to another. After viewing images of this cabin be sure to check other creative modern wooden houses.

modern glass cabin

futuristic cabin

futuristic glass cabin

glass house cabin

minimalist cabin

modern glass cabin photos

modern glass cabin pictures

modern glass log cabin

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