New Spiral Observation Tower in China


New Spiral Observation Tower in China

Nordic Office of Architecture has completed “Nanchang Waves”, a project in China’s Jiangxi province that includes a spiraling observation tower. Located next to a Wetland park in the city of Nanchang, the design responds to the natural qualities of the site, creating a spatial experience where building and landscape blend together. The project consists of three natural elements – water, earth, and sky – which correspond to three functional areas: the front square, the commercial facilities, and the observation tower.

spiral observation tower

Nordic Office of Architecture, a firm based in Oslo, with offices in Copenhagen, London, and Reykjavik, says that the landscape design of the front square is integrated with the ancient water culture of nanchang and the landscape of the adjacent lake. “Each of the landscape nodes contain functions for people of different ages and provide interesting and memorable spatial experiences,” explain the architects.

spirals in architecture

spiral in architecture

The next element, which contains the site’s commercial facilities, is a building with an accessible rooftop that has been designed as a continuation of the surrounding terrain. “The landscape of the front square extends above the three-dimensional space of the architecture, through a slowly unfolding outdoor amphitheater,” states the design team. The retail and commercial functions are visually linked to the neighboring open air plaza.

architecture spiral

spiral staircase architecture

The experience culminates with a dramatic observation tower that serves as a contemporary landmark for the city. The spiraling structure joins Nanchang’s historic towers, such as the Wanshou pagoda, which can be seen from the site. The architects say that the double spiral staircase has been designed as a experiential journey in its own right, as well as providing access to the observation platform above. “When reaching the top, one enters the observation deck, where people can get an unparalleled view of the natural landscape of the nearby Wetlands, admire the city skyline in the distance, and experience the changing landscape at sunrise and sunset.” And don’t forget to check 15 beautiful towers in the world.

beautiful spiral tower

spiral architecture

spiral stairs design

spiral stairs architecture

architecture spiral staircase

architecture design spiral

spiral observation tower interior design

modern bamboo chairs

spiral observation tower architecture

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