Quadrant House – Private Residence with a Rotating Terrace


Quadrant House - Private Residence with a Rotating Terrace

KWK promes, the architecture firm led by Robert Konieczny, has designed a house with a moving terrace that responds to the path of the sun. The architects were presented with a regularly-shaped plot of land, surrounded by other large residences in the Polish suburbs. The design comprises two primary volumes: a two-storey building, containing the home’s primary functions, positioned at a perpendicular angle to the street; and a single storey structure that runs parallel to the road.

house with rotating terrace

KWK promes’ design uses hinges and rails so that part of "Quadrant house" is able to rotate 90 degrees – creating a secluded garden at the rear of the property. This mobile terrace moves between a gym area, contained within the volume parallel to the street, and the living room which runs in the perpendicular direction. equipped with blinds, the mobile unit can be poisoned to protect the house from low sunlight and winds.

rotating house poland

rotating home

rotating home in poland

Designed and made by Comstal, the system that moves the terrace is fully automated, but can also be controlled manually. Advanced safety sensors mean that if it encounters an obstacle, the terrace stops. So that natural grass can grow underneath it, the terrace has been programmed to be in constant motion throughout the day. the scheme reacts to the sun’s movement, while ensuring shade and ventilation for those inside the home.

house with rotating terrace in poland

modern private house in poland

rotating house

Meanwhile, the form of the large two-storey volume is a response to both the client’s wishes and local building regulations. As sloping roofs were demanded by local authorities, the residence presents a gable roof to the passing street. However the volume changes its shape as it moves towards the rear of the plot, giving the impression of a flat-roofed structure from the garden – something the client was very keen on. The rear of the home is also much more open that the front façade, which includes no windows. to complement the residence structure, poznań-based PULVA designed the interiors. And if you’re interested in rotating houses you should check fully rotating house in Italy and house on a rotating column in New York.

modern house poland

quadrant house

rotating house architecture

house with rotating terrace plans

rotating house plans

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