Straume Weekend House in Norway

Straume Weekend House in Norway

After a storm washed away a deserted warehouse, the structure was replaced with the Straume Weekend House by Knut Hjeltnes. The timber-clad home is situated on a rocky outcropping on the coast of Remøya in Norway. Sharing the same footprint as the original, It was constructed entirely off-site and consists of seven steel frames. When vacant, the building takes on an unassuming form, with wooden shutters closing off the interior. The coverings slide open when the home is in use, revealing glazed panels and exposing fjord views to the interior. After viewing this house be sure to check 15 modern tiny houses.

house on a rock in norway

straume weekend house

timber-clad home in norway

balustrades wooden design

seeside weekend house

seeside weekend house norway

wooden interior design

small wooden bedroom

small wooden kitchen

modern wooden house norway

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