Unique and Spacious Vacation Home YORK


Unique and Spacious Vacation Home YORK

Designer Alexander Nerovnya has created absolutely cozy and modern home for vacation called YORK. Located on a slight incline at the edge of a forest, Nerovnya’s secluded and spacious vacation home is the ultimate get-away.

In adherence to his design philosophy, Nerovnya uses bare geometrical shapes in an unusual and unique manner, and this time he decided to make “a common gable roof” the star of the structure. Functioning as a beautiful holiday destination for huge groups of friends and family, YORK house comprises a three-storey structure, incorporating four bedrooms with individual bathrooms, that can accommodate up to eight people or more. Each bedroom provides a serene view of the stunning outdoor surroundings, amped by the fact that the house is located on an inclined edge.

modern vacation house design

The panoramic glass doors and windows slide effortlessly, merging the interiors of the house with its exteriors. Not to mention the multi-leveled terraces allow you to saunter out for a breath of fresh air without actually leaving the premises of the home.

modern vacation house

The central building structure divides the house into two solitary sections, and this is where the common gable roof comes in, functioning as a uniting factor and providing a “homely” feeling to the vacation house. The white outline running throughout the framework of the house makes it look like a comical sketch or the home icon! And don’t forget to check our list containing 15 modern wooden houses.

unique vacation home

modern vacation homes

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