Whale-Shaped Building in Norway Designed to Watch the Whales

Whale-Shaped Building in Norway Designed to Watch the Whales

“The Whale” is going to be an architectural gem and amaze its visitors. The design of the building, which will be located in Andenes, Norway, at 300km from the Arctic Circle, recalls the famous marine mammal’s tail. Offices, exhibition halls, a café and a shop, will be housed inside. Visitors will also be able to stroll along the upper surface and enjoy a spectacular view of the landscape oscillating between mountains, sea and aurora borealis.

creative building in norway

exhibition hall

aurora borealis

beautiful building design

This project is a real link between the human and the oceanic world, in a place where the whales can be spotted very often. The firm Dorte Mandrup has recently won the competition to build this poetic, anchored and spectacular project. The building is expected to open in 2022. Meanwhile you can check 25 Most Beautiful Places in the World to get more ideas for the travelling.

whale inspired building

obzervation spot

creative building

whale inspired building norway plan

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