Breath Taking Sculptures by Mark Newman

realistic sculptures

If you’re our loyal reader you should remember our post Incredibly Realistic Sculptures by Adam Beane. Today we want to represent you another talanted artist Mark Newman and his breath taking sculptures. He is graduated of the Art Academy of San Francisco and have 14 years of professional sculpting. You have a chance to evaluate his talant. In our humble opinion his sculptures look better without paint. How do you think?


Steppin’ Out

realistic sculptures

realistic sculptures


Eddie Riggs

realistic sculptures



realistic sculptures


Tuskegee Airman

realistic sculptures


Grandpa’s favorite

realistic sculptures


The Wise Wanderer

realistic sculptures



realistic sculptures


The Boss

realistic sculptures


Big Sexy

realistic sculptures


Bride and Groom

realistic sculptures


Iris in bloom

realistic sculptures



realistic sculptures

  1. Extreme talent !! Those who negatively commented are loosers … they probably can’t draw a balloon drifting on the sky . Keep up the amazing ART . I just wish that l could purchase some of it … un-painted … SALUTE !!

  2. I would like to know how I can purchase the unpainted sculpture of Steppin Out?

  3. Can someone please please tell me how I can purchase some of these, unpainted as shown in the pictures above? Please

  4. Can the piece “stepping out”/be bought….and I like the better without paint

  5. I’m interested in possibly purchasing one of Mark Newman’s work. How do I get the information to do so? Thank you

  6. Once again I find my self reminded that rasisum is alive and well.Here I am browsing though beautiful art works and what comes around the corner of mind is a segment of our population that still feels a sense of entitlement to only have certain race’s depicted in art form..It is so important to remember that not all people are not all like mined,just because you have no bias doesn’t mean that there isn’t still in the filthy cracks of our culture people who feel the threatening pains of old stereo type to disappear and have to admit their superiority complex is a delusiona,mental disorder

  7. These are great indeed. I’d buy one without paint so I could paint it myself

  8. your sculptures are beutifull, they look great with paint ands without paint too, people just say stupid things, is just because they can not create nothing with their hands

  9. Newman is white. Maybe that will help change the course of this conversation. What idiots!

  10. amazing artist, wondering if he is African American, as most of his sculptures are based on African American faces and style….great post

  11. If any of you would take the time to go to the sculptor’s Web site and look at his body of work, you’d realize how stupid you are. The Black figures are a commissioned line of sculptures. He also does action figures. These are what however runs this site chose to put up. But Mark’s original work is incredible and would fit in any gallery or museum in the world, and most likely will one day. And the race card…what as*h*les.

  12. It’s not art – these are caricatures. These don’t say anything profound. It is simply a man creating a sculpture of some tired old archetype – they are sentimental, one dimensional, and require nothing of the observer. There is an element of preachiness and vanity as well -these pieces you might find in a lawn ornament catalog not the Louvre.

    1. Good lord, what a smug, arrogant thing to say. Go somewhere else for something that fits your definition of art rather than simply ridiculing someone else’s work

    2. If you have nothing nice to say, it’s best to not say anything at all. I can tell you that the most ‘mediocre’ of this guy’s pieces says far more than you have with your obnoxiously arrogant comment.

  13. What a shame that race has to be an issue for some. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

    The sculptures are beautiful and meaningful portraits of humanity. Something we all share, as humans, know what I mean?

  14. Hey do you use zbrush and 3D printing to accomplish such detail? Or are these traditional maquettes?

  15. what is amazing is the size: those sculptures seem no that tall. The artist has really depicted some attitudes, in an incredible way.

  16. What superb sculptures! Either painted or unpainted they are true art. I love them and if I had to pick one out it would be the Tuskegee airman. So what if they are of African people? It does not matter who they are, compared to some of the crap that is called art these days, they are brilliant.

  17. I apologise, Mark Newman DOES sculpt these, and a paintr named Thomas Blackshear paints them. What I don’t understand is that Blackshear sells and promotes the sculptures as HIS work on his website and makes no mention of Newman. Are they one and the same person, is Marc commissioned by Thomas to do these works? You can see my confusion.

    1. He bought the rights to Marks sculptur’s. He mass produced them and markets them under his name. Like what Marvel Comics does with Adam Beans sculptures.

  18. There are numerous artist who only sculpt or paint “white” figures. There is nothing wrong with expressing yourself through your art. I once heard a black artist say that he doesn’t focus his pieces on a particular group, but that many of his pieces have black people in them because that’s what he’s surrounded by…that’s what he knows..and that’s where his inspiration comes from. Art is about expression, let it be so. Don’t judge an artist by his material. They have the right.

  19. My theory is that if this sculptor had made the majority of his subject anglo, race would not commented on. It makes me sad that people are still noticing this…

    What I noticed is that the sculptor has a gift for capturing the fluidity of the human form. Many of his subject are full of life and make one truly appreciate the beauty everyday people. I enjoy the gray version more too…simplicity is often under appreciated.

  20. I think that these are clearly amazing and it clear that Mark Newman has talent. I think that with the color you can definitely see much more detail, but it also cheapens the fell of these sculptures. Sometimes less is more. I think that without any treatment, these sculptures do feel unfinished. I would say consider a glaze or something that polishes off the work. If you really do want paint, I think the work done on like “Poe” is more appealing. I would say consider using some highlight colors any maybe mute the rest of the sculpture in a muted neutral, that way if you have something you want to emphasize on the sculpture you can do so. Like the work done on “Serafina” where the arrow is highlighted as a gold. That work is great just finish it off with like a neutral color for the rest of the sculpture. Otherwise, WELL DONE! 🙂 Very talented!

  21. I liked them all, but I’d have to say that Serafina and Iris in Bloom were my favorites. And I also agree the unpainted versions were fantastic!

  22. Very beautiful statues, and beautiful because it is not painted, there is always room for imagination

  23. Amazing work, the obvious racial preference somehow takes away from the collecton though.

    1. To play devil’s advocate – the countless other artist of all time who paint or sculpt representations solely of their race isn’t detrimental to the perception…? Or else the Louvre and every other art museum in the world would leave the viewer wanting.

    2. Would you say the same if these sculptures showed a preference for euro/whites? Probably not.

    3. I’m glad I’m not the only one that noticed that… The art is amazing but there is definitely an obvious lean here…

    4. I’m sure no one would have complained had they been mostly white.

      Besides, what should it matter what race the artist chooses to portray? We’re all human. There’s no real difference.

    5. You obviously missed the white bowwoman and Eddie Riggs. And how does the race of the other sculptures take away from their beauty?

    6. Why does the race matter? I’m an art history major and there are PLENTY of artists who only paint a certain race. Usually they depict their own races; I’m assuming that Newman is black.If every single one of these sculptures were of white people, I bet not one person would have said anything about it. It’s sickening that people think that way. I didn’t even notice the races until someone mentioned it. “the obvious racial preference somehow takes away from the collecton” is basically saying, these sculptures would be better if they weren’t all black. SICKENING!

    7. This makes you sound like you think the white race is clearly superior. Don’t be such a jackass next time. He’s allowed to sculpt whatever he wants.

  24. I agree with sini. These pieces are wonderfully rendered; he clearly has a vast knowledge and understanding of the human form. However they look like they belong in a gift shop. On his website there are much better pieces than these. I wish it said what these sculptures are made out of. The grey colour is ugly and makes the pieces flat and lifeless, but the paint makes them look like toys… so yeah, sini, a little boring.

  25. These sculptures are absolutely beautiful. I love the bride and groom and I’d love to own one of them for myself. Where can you buy them? I think I prefer them without paint too.

  26. Really amazing work! The painted ones look great, but I like the soft somber grey of the unpainted ones better.

  27. I love these pieces! I must say that the paint jumps out at me, taking my senses to a whole new level. But the unpainted versions left more to my imagination and that in itself was delightful. Great, great talent – I really dig the Tuskegee Airman.

      1. I call unnecessary roughness! Seriously “Honest”. Many artists appreciate more detailed feedback than a simple, “wow that’s cool!” So chill and leave Kim alone. At least her answer was an actual comment on the work, unlike yours.

      2. The textures of the grainy paint was an orgasm of my eyeball! I could write a whole essay about their magnificence and utter beauty….


      3. What a prat you are, who cares? do some sculpture paint a picture oh no wait I’ll just declare someone is being pretentious wow! how clever are you.

        1. Paul! their art is the art of trolling. However, their work leaves much to be desired. I can’t say that the comments make me gasp in awe, or their choice of ironically witty names blow my mind away. Idiotic responder and needless commentator do need to work on their pieces.

    1. I think the subject matter is pretty boring but the skill level involved is very high. Yep without paint is best, maybe a golden clay will make them look even better.

      1. I just looked at your work. It never ceases to amaze me that people with minimal talent will negatively comment on another artist’s work.

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