Special Offer for Kickstarter Projects

In our 14 years of running BeautifulLife, we’ve covered dozens of interesting Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects. Our readers are primarily young, affluent individuals who appreciate advanced technology, unusual and designer items, creative gadgets, and anything that is interesting, fresh, and attention-grabbing.

We understand how difficult it can be for those starting a Kickstarter campaign to draw attention to their product. With this in mind, we’re here to help. Also we know that Kickstarter projects often operate on a very limited budget for marketing and advertising, if they have one at all. Therefore, we’re prepared to feature truly interesting Kickstarter projects without any charge.

There are two main conditions – your Kickstarter project should be genuinely interesting and deserving of attention. Second, if your Kickstarter project succeeds and collects the necessary amount to start, you would send us one unit of your product in top configuration.

Note: If it so happens that your Kickstarter project does not raise the necessary funds for launch - do not worry, you will owe us nothing. Consider it our gift to you. In any case - it was an interesting idea, and we told our readers about it.


What Kind of Crowdfunding Projects We Accept?

It doesn’t matter what it is – a small gadget, speakers, a watch, or an e-bike – the main thing is that it should be unusual, creative, and interesting. Our readers particularly love items with stylish design and unusual features. In simple terms, if your Kickstarter product looks cool – you should get in touch with us.

Write to our editor at: editor [at] beautifullife.info

We will also need a media kit from you – photos and video materials about your product. We will write the product review ourselves.

For example, here are some Kickstarter projects that we’ve covered in the past:

Additional Opportunities for Kickstarter Promotion

Aside from the typical creation of a post about your Kickstarter product, in certain cases, we can offer you some additional promotion opportunities. For instance, we might include it in thematic collections such as:

To apply – please write to us at: editor [at] beautifullife.info