Creative Ads - Live Drawings for Animaster

Creative Ads - Live Drawings for Animaster

creative ads

What should be effective advertising? What need to be done with advertising to force people not only to drew attention but also remember for a long time afterwards? Creative advertising posters featured below are an excellent example of such advertising. Over a year ago they were developed by Rediffusion DY & R advertising agency for Animaster Animation School company. As always, creativity in advertising is a question of paramount importance. Perhaps the idea of drawings and hands that are drawing them, is not new, but thanks to quality execution and forethought of drawings this creative advertising is indisputable successfull.


creative ads

creative ads

creative ads

creative ads

creative ads


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  1. bilal

    nice pictures…


    Amazing ! These are wonderful creations.Great thinking

  3. AmeethBabu

    cool, really amazing.
    Keep posting more.


  4. mp3legally

    AMAZING pictures….

  5. dontclick

    the picture looks like a real

  6. Aman Ansari

    very nice creation nd i learned this proffesion of you…..thak u….

  7. marshal

    super creation…..

  8. Yaboon

    WOW! It’s awesome!

  9. Jmaes

    VERY COOL!The last one is my favourite. Thanks

  10. Tahseen

    Really Awesome,

  11. Chris Johnston

    M.C. Escher would be proud!

  12. vectorilla

    wow fantastic pictures 😮

  13. steve

    these pictures are so crazy i wish i could draw half as good as these people

  14. Melody

    Wow, the general composition and perspective of these ads are just so awesome. They really display the talent of the artists too!

    • samson

      hey thanks for the commment, i am the art director who worked on it, its just how an amazing team work can make a piece work better.

      • Minister George

        Some of art Work

    • vijay

      hi very inspire with your drawin……………. this unbelieveable pics