Words Create Worlds

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Czech bookstore Anagram has a slogan – words create worlds. Pretty short slogan but with deep sense. This slogan was used for advertising company created by advertising agensy Kaspen. Every picture is fully consistent with slogan and force you to carefully look at it. Professional work!

It’s definitely a unique way to approach a slogan like that – the main reason people read is to escape, and the words on page really do create a world around us, one dictated by the author, and painted with our own imaginations. Here are three amazing examples – mobsters, sea monsters, and knights, all fantastic examples of why people still read literature – the thrill, and the internal visual aspect.

So if you’re looking for ways to inspire yourself, these images are a great place to start. Imagine playing poker, or listening to music, only to see the cards, the people’s faces in them, or even the band playing in front of you. We conjure worlds around ourselves when escaping into the mind and imagination of the author, and it’s just one step towards enjoyment, losing the hustle and bustle of that busy train journey home.


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  1. Tbro

    Usually words create sentences, but yeah this is cool too

  2. Alan Newman

    ‘Words create worlds’ is a quotation from Wittgenstein. Credit where credit is due.

  3. Sweet!!!! Nicely done… Can I get one of those?

  4. Daniel Perlin

    Absolutely stunning. Both artwork and concept are breath taking.