Creative Creature Cups

Creative Creature Cups

creature cups

Today we want to show you a great idea for the gift. Some are friendly and furry, and others look poised to snap you with claws or wrap you with tentacles – you never know what you will find at the bottom of these coffee (or tea) mugs. The exterior of each one is conspicuously identical and unassuming, so for guests come to visit for the first time, the shock will definitely catch them off guard – for those in the know, though, they will still always get a little surprise with their final sips. Take a look!


octopus surprise mug


Lobster Cup [ you can buy it here ]

lobster cup


Crocodile Cup [ you can buy it here ]

crocodile cup


Sea Otter Cup [ you can buy it here ]

sea otter cup


Octopus Surprise Mug [ you can buy it here ]

octopus surprise mug


Pelican Cup [ you can buy it here ]

pelican cup

creature cups


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  1. Paul White

    This is innovation at the unthinkable..this picture alone can reach thousands of people and give them the message. this is what i call creativity.

  2. HOPY

    Really creation, full of good ideas, the ability to reach people constantly

  3. Jelena Susicka

    Wow, octopus is a great surprise in the morning coffee – immediately wake up 🙂