Rhombus Maximus - Wireless Steampunk Mouse

steampunk mouse

Steampunk lovers willing to give a lot of money to surround themselves with things in their favorite style. Sculptures or jewelry in the steampunk style are already not so unusual thing. Of course artists could not pass by such popular items as USB flash drive and a computer mouse. The following gadgets are called Rhombus Maximus. The materials used for creating a mouse and a USB flash drive are copper, brass and walnut. There was no plastic in Victorian times, and if the world froze in the development all the gadgets could look exactly like this. The author of these amazing steampunk gadgets is designer from Moscow Alex Neretin.


steampunk mouse

steampunk mouse

steampunk mouse

steampunk mouse

steampunk mouse

steampunk mouse

steampunk mouse


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  1. Garden Seed

    Great share. Thanks for this brilliant stuff!!!!!

  2. Andrew

    Mouse looks great, love the fact it’s also wireless…

  3. Alan Robinson

    I love it am just wondering how comfortable it would be to use

  4. Norava

    I will say it LOOKS cool but this would prolly HURT to use long term

  5. iPad Accessories

    This is so strange. Would I use a mouse looking like this? i don’t think so. It just doesn’t look practical, just another way to throw away money.

  6. Borellus

    Looks awesome.

  7. Online Logo Design

    Its a brilliant idea such a interesting post i will share this post to my friends.

  8. Steampunk Jewelry Maker

    Another gorgeous piece of Steampunk Geekery. I love the little USB drive too! Very cool.