Takayuki Ogawa’s 3D Oral Alphabet

Horrific, eerie, frightening, and strange… Graphic designer Takayuki Ogawa has created “Oral:phabet” – a grotesque, three-dimensional typeface modeled after the mouth, frozen in time while enunciating each letter. Ogawa designed the English alphabet with inspiration from emotions, as was the motivation for his graduating thesis from Tama Art University. He says, “In email we use the letter D to create the smiling emoticon :D. But what if we gave similar attributes to letters like B or N which are never used as expression forms?” The result, as you can see is a disturbingly realistic serious of mouths, lips, teeth and tongues, all hand-crafted from clay and mounted to a wooden frame.

Atypical 3D Typography by Pawel Nolbert

You’ve probably seen lots of creative 3D typography but want to assure you that the following series is worthy of your attention. This series of posters was created by Pawel Nolbert – a multidisciplinary artist & designer from Warsaw, Poland. “Series of posters exploring form and rhythm of letters or pseudo-letters presented as half-realistic, half-illustrative figurative sculptures. The artworks were built from an elaborate artistic painterly gestures into expressive arrangements – extending the aesthetic characteristic of typography,” says artist. Take a closer look!

Futuristic 3D Typography by Mohamed Reda

Futuristic and highly detailed 3D typography from Mohamed Reda is really worthy of your attention. Mohamed is an art director in FullStop Advertising Agency, Saudi Arabia. For these awesome creations Mohamed have used Vray and 3D Studio Max. And of course lots of imagination and creativity. So don’t hesitate and check some of Mohamed’s 3D typography after the jump!

Architectural 3D Type by Chris LaBrooy

Today we’ll show you something really interesting. It’s an amazing combination of 3D types and impressive architectural ideas. Such clever idea came in mind of illustrator from United Kingdom Chris LaBrooy. We’ve already shown you some of his work but this one is really great. By the words of Chris this collection is “typographic expression of my design and architecture heroes”. Just take a look and you will like it! Have fun!