Gourmet Box ED3N Packaging Design

“ED3N” is a particular 3 item gift set by student, Adrien Duchateau, of Belgium. “Eden is the name of my gourmet box. I used the Bodoni font for the logo but I reversed the 2nd E to remind the number 3 which is the number of my products. The fact of having 3 products is not random, as the number 3 is considered the perfect and sacred number, it perfectly matches with the name “Eden” meaning Paradise. Other than Paradise, Eden also reminds us of the origin of everything, a beautiful garden where the forbidden fruit was growing. I thought it might be a good name/concept for a gourmet box. For the design I decided to do something authentic and modern at same time and gave to it a quite mystical and peaceful aspect. I used engravings to remind that these products come from an ancient time but are still “in” and to show it I contrasted it with a modern packaging design. Plus, once you finished the products, the box can be keeped for any other usage. It will not be thrown in the trash and it will make a good publicity in the houses. It has a real second life !”