Minimal Movie Posters by Chungkong

Chungkong is a Netherlands based designer who creates really cool movie posters. His posters stand out for a simple and humorous language, demonstrating great ingenuity and imagination, he strips the subjects down to their bare bones and brings them to life in vibrant and playful designs, covering a variety of subjects from cult movies, geek art, books and sports. His cool minimal movie poster collection now features over 300 titles, so you’re bound to find your favorite flick. Interested? You can buy any poster from here.

“Words Kill Wars” Adot Ad Campaign

Today we want to show you an excellent advertising campaign by Ogilvy & Mather Japan for Adot, an organization which fights against the conflicts between Russia and Ukraine. By juxtaposing two choices of weapons, violent ones on the left and peaceful ones on the right, this series of diptychs pass on a compelling message: words kill wars. Take a look!