Bella Umbrella

Photographer Tim Tadder have shown advertising project “Bella Umbrella”. It is a great project combining vintage umbrellas and fashions, with military smoke. A personal art series bringing together items never combined is a series. Images were shot on large format digital for display prints. Wardrobe: Julia Reeser, Umbrella by Bella Umbrella, Hair and Make by Dezi V and Natalie Bohlin.

‘3D Printed’ Animals Illustrate The Irreplaceable Nature Of Endangered Species

As part of a campaign for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), Young & Rubicam Paris has realized a series of images that depicts the irreplaceable and irreversible aspects of killing wildlife. The advertisements aim to draw a comparison between technologies that can easily build and construct matter, like 3D-printing, and the fragility of animal life – a condition not as easily reparable as a broken household object. The digital compositions illustrate three animals – an elephant, whale and orangutan – with parts of their bodies exposed to view. Above their bodies, a 3D-printer seemingly attempts to build new layers of skeletal matter, acting a subtle symbol of the impossibility of this situation. Accompanying text reads “if only they were this easy to reproduce”, a simple yet powerful message that underscores the idea that the loss of wildlife is an irrevocable act with permanent consequences.

Clear Channel: Where Brands Meet People

This amazing project is the work of Athens-based Charis Tsevis for Clear Channel, one of the world’s leading outdoor advertising companies. For this campaign in Switzerland, Tsevis used the logos of a whole bunch of companies and managed to make them come together as stunning mosaic portraits. From a distance, you’d never guess that these expressive faces were made up from words and logos, but look closer and you may just recognize some of your favorite brands.

Wilkinson Sword: Break The Routine

Wilkinson Sword has launched “Break the Routine”, a print advertising campaign for the Hydro 5 Groomer, targeting fashion-savvy Londoners. The three ads, run in press, OOH and indoor posters, play on the mundane routine of shaving and show how Wilkinson Sword’s Hydro 5 Groomer can help try more exciting styles. The creatives behind the ads said: “Nowadays, more and more men take pride in their appearance. However, many still don’t realise the potential of shaving and grooming, for them it’s simply a daily chore. We wanted to show them how easy it is to break their shaving routine and create a multitude of new looks and styles.”

Famous Self-Portrait Paintings Imagined as Selfies for Samsung Ad

This is a series of three famous self portraits (Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo and Albrecht Dürer) reimagined as selfies to advertise Samsung’s new Samsung NX mini camera. The NX mini camera has a 3-inch, forward-facing, flip-up screen because it’s important your vanity gets the respect it deserves. The tag-line is “For self-portraits. Not selfies.” The campaign was created by ad agency Leo Burnett Switzerland.

Diesel Footwear Help

Diesel Footwear in Spain is running a print and online campaign using a mock public service campaign featuring hipsters, selfie addicts and vintage victims. The Diesel brand is known for maverick approaches to advertising, and this new Fall-Winter 2014-2015 campaign is no exception. Trend setters struggle to stay on the forefront of fashion as what once was considered avant garde becomes absorbed by the mainstream.

Turning Impressionism into Hyperrealism

Take a look at this hilarious ad campaign – an eyewear company set to show their customers just how good their lenses are. The campaign was created by Y&R Paris, and features a series of ads for eyewear retailer KelOptic, showing impressionist paintings brought into focus. The tagline states: “Turning impressionism into hyperrealism.” These ads got the recognition and received a merit award in this year’s One Show.

“Free Your Skin” Advertising Campaign for Schick

Beards have been trendy for a while nowю But like with every fashion, it comes and it goes. So it’s good timing for razor company Schick to launch a “Free Your Skin” campaign. Advertising agency Y&R New Zealand has created a humorous ad campaign that features men who have unfortunate animal beards. It carries the message that men need to shave their facial hair before it turns into an animal, and the Schick brand can “Free Your Skin”. Photographs for the ads are taken by Troy Goodall and Stephen Stewart, and are retouched by Electric Art.

There are Lots of Terrible Animal Pictures Out There

Advertising agency Heads from Brazil created a series of posters for National Geographic. With slogan “There are lots of terrible animal pictures out there” this series of posters advertise National Geographic’s collection of the best nature images. Take a look!

Hope Super Push Up: Right and Left Together

The main goal of the advertising campaign is to be catchy. If people remember the print ads they will remeber the company for sure. One of the best way to be catchy is to bring lots of fun. And today’s print ad by Hope, a push-up brand, brings fun. Their slogan for this advertising campaign is “Right and Left together”. And the creators of this campaign advertising agency Giovanni+Draftfcb from Brazil in funny way shows world leaders like Bush, Castro, Chavez etc. See the prints below and have a good laugh!

People For Smarter Cities

Working together to spark positive change with the “People For Smarter Cities” cities initiative, IBM has teamed up with creative consultancy Ogilvy & Mather France to create outdoor advertising with a purpose: a bench, a shelter and a ramp that would be useful to city dwellers. The campaign believes that fundamental services – such as roadways, mass transit and utilities – make a city and neighborhoods more desirable to live in. Conceived in three different color variations, the graphic components of the different advertisements reference typologies such as wood slats and protective awnings similar to that its physical counter-part.

Cam Curioosity Campaign by Matteo Pozzi

This series of brilliant ads by Matteo Pozzi answers questions to curious children through imaginative and surreal imagery. "Children make a lot of questions and their answers are so incredibly fantastic. We came up with a simple creative concept (CuriOOsity) in which the children’s fantastic answers become the leading theme of our campaign. The result was a imaginative, although realistic, vision of the world through children’s fantasy." The project was done for Cam, which is a baby product company in Italy, so it could not be more fitting. The campaign effectively reaches its target market through the curiosity of children and thus capturing parent’s hearts.

Creative Ads: Bad Food Bad Dog

Feed your dogs bad food, and according to Nutri Balance, they will turn their backs on you. Chilean ad agency Prolam Y&R shows us what happens when man’s best friend becomes man’s worst enemy. “Bad food, bad dog. All the vitamins, all the flavor”. Don’t trust your criminal dogs near a tower of cards (Cards), a hidden lover (Husband), pot hole (Blind) or spare body parts (Hand).

Schusev State Museum of Architecture: Discover the Full Story

As a part of the project “Discover the full story”, creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi has developed an advertising campaign for the Shchusev State Museum of Architecture. The aim of this campaign was to make this museum known for the wide audience of people and raise interest of Muscouvites and tourists to the architecture of the city in whole. The images demonstrate that real history is hidden behind the front of each building, and all what we know about it is only the top of the iceberg.

True Colours by Faber-Castell

Germany company Faber-Castell producing pencils, pens and other office supplies and products for artists brought some creativity to our life with their advertising campaign. And we couldn’t pass by. The ads in an eye-catching way show how close their pencil crayon colours come to the real item. The slogan of advertising campaign is “True Colours”. Posters were created by Germany advertising agency Serviceplan. Want to note that dachshund looks quite crazy, don’t you think?

“Dressed to Kill” by Wallis

The following images are well known all over the Internet but not all users know that they are part of Wallis advertising campaign. Wallis is British aspirational, premium high street brand. Slogan of this campaign launched in 1998 is “Dressed to Kill” and these images absolutely correspond slogan. Have fun!

Odis: The Safest 3 Numbers Lock

Today we want to show you some Odis creative advertising posters demonstrating the power of 3-number locks. The billboards present scenarios in which numbers serve as security barriers for a bag in an airport, a tent in a camp site, and a locker on a university campus. And also other combinations under slogan “Odis. The safest 3 numbers lock.” The first campaign won a Silver Outdoor Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity. The second is quite new and perhaps also will win some prizes. Take a look! And if you like to play with 3D symbols then check some of our previous posts. For example Recycling Typography or 3D Type Collection from Chris LaBrooy.

3D Chocolate Ads by Silvio Medeiros

Today we want to show you creative and delicious advertising created for credit card company. Slogan of this advertising company is “Let your products more irresistible with Cielo.” From the words of creator – Silvio Medeiros – “A very delightable commissioned project that take me a hole month to be setup. From concept board to final art. Luxology Modo 601 and post-production with Photoshop CS5.” Have fun!

The CNN News “Live from the Source”

To send a clear and direct message to the audience about freshness of the news creative director Karpat Polat and art director Hande Güler developed these creative ads uses with a little help from Photoshop. The CNN News "Live from the Source" campaign consists fo four posters with political leaders who seem to become local reporters and clearly shows the effectiveness of the channel in getting its stories from the right places and people. The CNN News ‘Live from the Source’ ads won Cannes Lions 2011 Bronze.

Identity & Branding for SAVEMYDAY

Today we’ll show you high quality branding for online service This website presents daily premium offerings with 50 – 90% discount on specially selected items and services. Advertising and design studio based in Stockholm Morris Pinewood Stockholm created advertising campaign consisting of a 30s TVC, print ads and banners. MPS developed a branding strategy, brand identity (colours, logos and typography) and an advertising concept. “The design was built on the premise of a premium retail brand. With a core idea, inspired by 1960-style retail ads and a colour palette consisting of 4 clear and strong brand colours we wanted to create a brand that communicated “discounts” and “must haves”. The design was built on the base of 4 different universe; magenta, orange, black and white, in a “duo-tone” landscape.”