Colours of the Earth by Bernhard Edmaier

Geologist Bernhard Edmaier always had the interest to natural phenomenas and this interest initiated the begining of a new field of activity. After receiving the certificate of the Guild of photographers in Munich, he went to travel to untouched corners of the globe. During 13 years of activity as a photographer Bernhard traveled all over the world – from Alaska to New Zealand. An aerial view Burkhard makes photos of different inaccessible places, the existence of which many are not even aware.

Aerial Photography of Klaus Leidorf

Have you ever want to see the world from the clouds? Photographer Klaus Leidorf wanted and did it. The aerial photography of Klaus Leidorf uncovers the beauty of man and nature’s creativity from a vantage point we seldom see, from far above. A field of scrap tires which is appalling to see from ground level becomes a playful looking field of black toys from high above. Beaches become works of art, instead of the bustling play area of beach goers. Logging storage areas look like a child’s play area, ready for kids to create log cabins and buildings galore. Farmer’s fields become a magical tapestry of colors, shapes, and designs that are the equal to any beautiful patchwork quilt. Take a look!