Aguila Design’s Yacht Concept “Xi”

Spaceship-like yacht concept Xi by Aguila Design uses a remarkable series of aero and hydrodynamic qualities to maximize steering ability, maneuverability, payload, and speed! “One notices immediately that this super yacht pertains to a different order, possesses a natural superiority: its powerful, supple movements, its absolute safety in any weather conditions, its beauty, purely arisen from its functionality, by its composition of lines and forms and color combinations, and its appealing radiation that parts of its motion. The interior consists of automatic, transformable spaces, absorbed and convertible at different levels, and contemporary design furniture of extremely rich materials. The luxury accommodation, for the owners and their guests, worthy of a top yacht, the appropriate accommodation for the crew, and all necessary technological acquirements necessary for the good functioning.” Have fun! And check our top 10 expensive yachts in the world!