AirShip002 Airbnb In Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are majestic lands, situated above the Atlantic Ocean. The area, while scarcely populated by people, is instead populated by towering mountains, yawning fields of grass, placid lochs – and this tiny, submarine-like home located by the Isle of Mull, called the Airship 002. This beautiful home – where you can plant yourself, as you explore and hike throughout the sea of grass and immense mountain range – was designed by Roderick James Architects to evoke a sentiment of nautical nostalgia. Built in the shape of a submarine/ship, the insulated aluminum pod allows natural light to bathe its interior. The west wing of the domed domicile provides a glorious view towards unspoilt bounty of the Ardnamurchan Peninsula and the Atlantic Ocean. The kitchen is outfitted to look like a cross between retro American diner and ship galley, and the East Wing looks out onto the Sound of Mull, towards Tobermory (the Isle of Mull). With such splendid and expansive views, this contemplative home is the perfect place to mull things over. And don’t forget to check 5 most unusual hotels in the world

Cozy Geodesic Dome to See Total Solar Eclipse

As you might have heard, August 21 will mark the first total solar eclipse seen across the US in almost 100 years. This Solar Eclipse Stay is the ideal way to experience it. You’ll start by spending the night of the 20th in a geodesic dome in rural Oregon, joined by an astrophysicist and a professional night sky photographer. The next day, as the Moon prepares to pass between the Earth and the Sun, you’ll take to the skies in a private jet for a truly unique view of this rare celestial event. Not available for purchase, one lucky winner will get to enjoy the experience courtesy of Airbnb.

Night At Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania

If you’re looking for something spooky to do this Halloween, you couldn’t get much more haunting than this. Airbnb has announced that Bran Castle in Romania, also known as “Dracula’s Castle”, will be listed on its website for the night of October 31. Two brave souls will have the chance to spend Halloween in the imposing medieval fortress, which is located in the Carpathian mountains of Transylvania. Bram Stoker, the author of the 19th century classic, was said to have based Dracula’s residence on Bran Castle – though he only ever read about the monument and never actually visited Romania. The guests will be hosted by Dacre Stoker, the Irish author’s great nephew who is, Airbnb says, “a well-respected vampire expert and passionate advocate of his great uncle’s novel.” Airbnb is running a global competition to win the spooky stay. To enter, would-be vampire hunters must write a short passage on what they would say if they came “face-to-fang” with Count Dracula. The winners will be invited to recreate the story of Stoker’s protagonist Jonathan Harker, arriving at their destination by horse-drawn carriage before dining on a “blood-enriching meal” and bedding down for the night in “luxurious velvet trimmed Dracula coffins.” This year’s competition winners will be subject to a series of rules which ban any garlic or “garlic-scented items” from the residence, as well as silver jewellery and holy symbols. The guests are also advised to close all curtains and warned that, “the count is not a fan of mirror selfies.”

Apartment at The Top of a Historic Ski Jump

Airbnb has a good practice of running contests to win a night in an unusual place. We’ve already written about their latest contest – lucky winner went to amazing hotel at 9,000ft in the French Alps. And this time winner went to stay in an apartment at the top of a historic ski jump at the top of the Holmenkollen arena in Norway, which once served as a waiting room for Olympic ski-jumpers in the 50s. The apartment boasts incredible views, and is of course also beautifully decorated. Of course it’s not the place for you if you’re scared of heights, benefits of the space include a ski museum underneath, possible views of the Northern Lights, and no neighbors, according to Airbnb. The winners have already been chosen, but you can be sure Airbnb will offer more chances to win a night in another weird and wonderful place soon!

Amazing Hotel at 9,000ft in the French Alps

Today we want to show an mazing place to stay at really high level. This cable car gives guests a rare view of the French Alps from an altitude of 9,000 feet. From the suite, travelers can admire La Saulire, the highest point in the Courchevel resort, and, in the morning, they will be first in line to ski the pristine slopes. The uncommon hotel is furnished with two beds so that it can fit up to four occupants. The travelers will enjoy a journey up the mountains on snowmobile, fine food and wine, and an unparalleled, 360° view of the snowy landscape. There’s no television and no ice service, just an extraordinary experience you can go on about for the rest of your life. In a scary-good giveaway, Airbnb is now offering an all-inclusive overnight stay (valued at approximately 2,000EUR) to one lucky party. To enter the contest, simply tell Airbnb UK why you and yours deserve the best.

Birdbnb: 50 Adorable Birdhouse Models of Real Airbnb Listings

A new campaign launched by vacation rental site Airbnb called “Every Traveler Deserves A Home.” Centered around migrating birds, who Airbnb considers to be the ultimate travelers, they decided to hire a wide range of artists to create birdhouse versions of some of their most interesting rental homes on the site. From a 15th century feudal castle in Ireland to a dome home in Koh Samui, Thailand, the rentable habitats have been scaled down to bird-size proportions, intricately handcrafted from mixed materials, and fastened to a looped twine, so that they can be strung from tree branches. The campaign is completed by a film, celebrating the company’s passion for travel and hospitality, and an exhibition of the items in New Orleans at Audubon park’s tree of life.