Cozy Anana Furniture Pieces by Aqua Creations

Anana furniture pieces by Aqua Creations will be both beautiful and functional pieces of furniture for your home. The collection consist of sofas, benches, chairs created in one style. It is hand-made from fabric covered pods that form three-dimensional surfaces. The pieces are developed using soft and nice balls that form organic geometry and offer room to sink into and relax completely. The chairs, the sofas and the benches do not compromise comfort in favor of a contemporary design. On the contrary, they create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, still embracing the features of a modern interior d├ęcor. In addition, all designs bring a breath of fresh air into any home, creating a space that is cozy and warm. You can sit back and relax in style and comfort while enjoying these items that brighten and bring life to any living decor.