Heydar Aliyev Center by Zaha Hadid Architects

Zaha Hadid Architects have designed the Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan. “The Heydar Aliyev Center hosts a variety of cultural programs, its design is a departure from the rigid and often monumental architecture of the former Soviet Union that is so prevalent in Baku, aspiring instead to express the sensibilities and diversity of Azeri culture. The Center’s design establishes a continuous, fluid relationship between its surrounding plaza and the building’s interior. The plaza, as the ground surface, accessible to all, rises to envelop an equally public interior and define a sequence of event spaces within. Undulations, folds, and inflections modify this surface to create an architectural landscape that performs a multitude of functions: welcoming, embracing, and directing visitors throughout the center; blurring the conventional differentiation between architecture and landscape, interior and exterior. Fluidity in architecture is not new to the region. The continuous calligraphic scripts and patterning of historical Islamic architecture flow from carpets to walls, walls to ceilings, ceilings to domes; establishing seamless relationships and blurring distinctions between architectural elements and the ground they inhabit. The Center’s design relates to this historical understanding of architecture, not through the use of mimicry or a limiting adherence to the iconography of the past, but with a firmly contemporary interpretation.”

Futuristic Taipei Performing Arts Center

Today we want to show you futuristic concept of Taipei Performing Arts Center by American Architectural Studio B+U. For the development of the design they used a unique process using actual sounds as a basis. The morphology and shape of the building was designed using sound-waves that were analyzed and transformed into three dimensional vectors. The Grand Theater and the Playhouse are located to the north while the Multiform Theater is lifted of the ground and connected to the foyer on the south side. The proposal for the Taipei Performing Arts Center is intended to become an important landmark building in the region that expresses the richness and diversity of performing arts and creates a destination point for the area.

Emerald Exclusive Residences – Platy

Some time ago we’ve shown you beautiful residence Aura designed by talanted architector Andreas Trisveis. Today we want to show you another interesting project created by Andreas. It’s called “Emerald Exclusive Residences – Platy” and will be located in Nicosia – Cyprus. It is inspired by one of the most influential female American artist of the 20th century, Georgia O’Keeffe. It is a piece of art of hers called “From the lake”. As noted on website of the residence “Like a crystal growing from rock, a dramatic structure emerges from the ground. The Emerald, creates a new dialogue between contemporary living and a completely new experience of space. Built from premium materials, this project, sculptural living space meets the highest standards in design, craftsmanship and sustainability. It is unique at every turn, offering maximum insulation and durability.” For now it’s just a project but it will be built in near future.

Nanhe River Landscape Bridge from WXY Architecture

New York studio WXY Architecture have won a competition to build the Nanhe River Landscape Bridge in Xinjin County, China. This red bridge is due to begin later this year and will cross the river in two interlaced strands. As WXY Architecture wrote “Xinjin is a historical town that has attracted many residents and visitors over the years. It is geographically centered where five rivers converge, and for centuries poets have exalted its natural beauty. Our design draws inspiration from Xinjin’s breathtaking landscape and rich cultural history, and reflects the city’s modern prosperity.”